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Tenant Ambassadors’ voices on the 2021 public consultation Green Paper for Health and Disability

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NEW Survey for TiNT Review 2020-21

Tenants in Touch is an A4 24 page colour magazine produced by Tenant Involvement 4 times a year and distributed with the rent statements to over 9,000 households (Tenants, Leaseholders and temporary accommodation properties).


We need to make sure that we are providing informative and relevant content and that the publication remains value for money.


The latest edition should be with you now and so we would like your feedback. 

It is vitally important you complete these surveys as in times of budget cuts etc we want to make sure this remains the best way of communicating with our customers. 

The results from the last survey were slightly disappointing as we did not get as many of you completing this as we would have liked:

  • Survey 1 had 7 responses

  • Survey 2 had 4 responses

We would like to ask you a few questions about your experience of this publication. Your responses are confidential and you will not be identified in the survey results. Please be open and honest with your feedback as this will help us with our future planning.

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A Public Vision for the Home of 2030

Thank you to Hashim and Geno for their participation on this important public document, which also goes towards planning future vibrant communities in Oxford.


We certainly do generate results from our plans and meetings. 


This is a really impressive outcome and we are mentioned on page 99! This was also highlighted in LinkedIn

Read the full report here

Row of Houses

Housing Strategy & Needs 
Private Rented Sector Review May 2019 – Jan 2020

What this review covers:

  • Understanding the national context of Private Rented Scheme (PRS)

  • Q&A sessions with Allocations and Environmental Health Team in OCC

  • Desktop benchmarking with other Local Authorities.

  • Shadowing Visits to Private Rented Landlord properties

  • Seeking innovation attending external training for the sector.

Landlord Services Ambassadors

The team have been working on the review of the Environmental Improvement Budget (EIB).


The EIB is a sum of money (£70,000 per year), which can be used to make improvements in the local areas in Oxford that house a community, for example, blocks of flats including sheltered accommodation.

If you are unable to open this document, then please try downloading the latest version of Adobe Acrobat

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