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Acting as Customer Services Justin Stratford

I have just started work as a Tenant Involvement Co-optee working with Customer Services. We are working out exactly what the role will entail as we go through.

My main role is to work with TI and Customer Services and work out how we can best “sell” Tenant Involvement and boost contact numbers.

My second role is to look at how the customer interacts with Customer Service Advisors and what we should focus on. This will involve meeting the Customer Service Advisors and their Managers to gain trust and start a conversation.

I have a lot of online learning to do, which Wendy is finding for me to appreciate how many calls customer services take, how many areas they need to know about, the role of being the first point of contact and dealing with angry customers.

I hope to learn how to do video session and to help design some training videos for Customer Services so they have confidence to mention Ambassadors and Tenant Involvement in some way for those who call in with a service enquiry.

Below are some of my initial ideas about what we should expect when we ring the council.

  1. Customer satisfaction rate Live chat no less than 90% and emails 61% Ask the customer if they mind doing a short survey at the end of the call Try to keep the call to as short as you can so you can take another call to help someone else

  2. First response time Try to reply to live chat with in a minute or less Email support reply within 4-24 hours Social media fix the problem within 1-6 hours and now longer than 24 hours but sooner the better.

  3. Average resolution time Everyone responsibility to try and get the reported issue fixed at the first available appointment slot.

  4. Number of acquired reviews It is always good for the customer service to get good review but always room for some improvement

  5. Number of knowledge base articles More than 80%of customers use the company's FAQ and self-service portals Reply to the customer questions before they ask.

  6. Number of demos (optional) Doing demos so the customer can understand easy to get the sale for good feed back

  7. Number of upsells and cross sells The main rule of successful sale is to think about the customer and not the business. You should genuinely approach selling by thinking about how the customer would benefit from the item.

I will let you know how things go as my training develops.

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Good luck with this position. Will be very interested to hear of your progress.

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