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Merry Christmas to you all! by Wendy Hind

So the time has come to reflect, pause and regroup. This has been an extraordinary year. We have had lockdowns 1 and 2, furlough for 6 weeks and a complete re-set to digital engagement and working from home.

You have all stepped up to embrace the new way of working. We got past the initial reluctance of online chat, and we are now quite skilled and joining meetings and are already looking to improve Zoom knowledge and looking at more informal ways of talking to each other.

We have continued the review on the Great Estates work, and looking ahead, this will see a greater engagement opportunities to a number of new areas, those who are affected by these schemes will of course be invited to join us as we go forwards.

We are starting to review the Social Housing White paper and you all have some reading of chapter 1 to do over the holidays as we seek to understand where the Ambassador groups can help make a change.

This White Paper, and the focus on Tenant Involvement places us front and centre of the next few years challenges. We are now need to ensure the whole council understand how tenant and leaseholder engagement is important, why it is important and this will give us a platform to push ahead with improved communication strategies to highlight the work you are already doing as our “Inner Hub” of involved residents.

Sadly we lost a few Ambassadors in the new way of working, but the options and choices for those who may not have been able to join us before are exciting. Our job is to make sure that is communicated to customers effectively. Change will always be with us as one of the certainties in this job.

On a personal note, this year has been extremely challenging. I am so grateful to have work and this group as my “second family” as this helped me push through dark times.

Thank you all once again for being the voice of Oxford City Council Tenants and Leaseholders

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Stay Well, Stay Safe and look out for each other. Your independent chat option is always available online via the portal – you don’t need the Tenant Involvement Team for that J

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