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River of Olga Siddons

As I'm discovering, our communal grass has so much life which we can encourage. It's like a river of green.

Do you ever crouch in the grass?! I recommend it, if your body allows you and otherwise even sitting-on the grass will do nicely!

It's fantastic for breathing-in scents, feeling the breeze and even surprising a neighbour with a hello!

So, when tending some outside plant pots (some wild, some edible), I'm right there in the grass, appreciating the warmth of neighbourly 'hellos' and loving nature's surprises.

Last year came the joy of seeing a marbled white butterfly on scabious (they love purple-blue flowers) and a giant elephant hawk-moth caterpillar amongst the tomatoes.

Just now, we have sparkling golden dandelions, buttercups and daisies - good for our eyes and good for the insects too.

I feel lucky enjoy such green, right on the doorstep. It uplifts and refreshes! And I'm sprinkling fresh wildflower seeds and sharing fresh ideas with the lovely tenant involvement team.

Maybe you have green fingers for wildflowers too? The flowers and insects will thank you and we can enjoy this right at our doorstep!

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