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Please see attached our Code of Conduct and GDPR form


Why is it important to have code of conduct or code?

The code of conduct is really important as it sets out rules for behaviour, responsibilities and best practice making sure that you are clear about how you should conduct yourselves when working with others when representing your role as Ambassador for Oxford City Council's Tenant Involvement Team.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Legislation. It is a European Union (EU) law that came into effect in 2018. Data subjects will now have the right to demand subject access to their personal information, and the right to demand that an organisation destroys their personal information.

You MUST sign and return this form in order for you to carry out your roles.


  • Open up the attached word document - click 'enable editing'. 

  • Fill in your name and date - this will act as a signature. 

  • Save as a copy to your own file then clode the attached file - dont save!

  • Attach your file to an email and send to us at

Any problems, call us!

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