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Start a conversation, get involved and make the change!

Lots of different services make up our Housing and Property Service here at Oxford City Council. As a customer, you have every right to make sure these services are being delivered to you in the best way possible. 

We need your experience knowledge and expertise.

Why get involved?

Being involved will give you the chance to:

  • Be active in shaping your housing services

  • Make your area a better place to live in

  • Make your area a better place for future generations

  • Give us your views on the services you receive

  • Be part of a group to review and improve services

  • Help us better understand your needs

  • Gain useful skills

  • Receive relevant training

  • Meet new people

How do I get involved?

You can choose how to get involved and when by selecting the type and level of involvement that suits your lifestyle. We will use different ways to consult and make it possible for tenants to participate. We will consult with you on all areas of the Housing service and on some policies and procedures that affect tenants. Some of these main areas are:

  • Repairs and Maintenance

  • Customer Services

  • Our Great Estates Programme

  • Anti-Social Behaviour

  • New builds and renovations

Mystery Shopping

This enables tenants and leaseholders to examine the quality of the housing service provided by Oxford City Council and provide a strong customer based feedback mechanism. Feedback will then help contribute to the improvement of services. Appropriate training will be provided to all who participate.

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Register of Tenants

The Register allows tenants and leaseholders to become involved through responding to one question a month via text or email.

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Editorial Team




The Editorial Team, consisting of tenants and leaseholders work together to produce your Tenants in Touch Newsletter four times a year. The Editorial Team will also be involved in communications sent to all tenants and leaseholders.

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Champion Ambassadors

This role provides a point of contact for our housing staff. Champions will work with the designated service area in representing tenants & leaseholders in meetings on issues and services that affect them, helping us improve and maintain service standards.

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Consultation Group

To assist with the development and review of policies and procedures, as and when required, members of the Tenants and Leaseholder’ Forum will be invited to participate in focus group workshops to discuss and develop specific housing policies. This will provide an important conduit from you to input into the development of new policies.

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Tenant and Leaseholder Inspectors

Inspectors will examine two service areas annually. The inspectors will report twice a year on services scrutinised and provide recommendations for improvement where necessary. Relevant training and expenses will be provided.

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