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A new arrival…….by Simon Warde

The next batch of Apprenticeships will be starting across the Council in September. I am delighted to inform you that an apprentice was interviewed by Tenant Involvement, accepted, and has been appointed.

On Wednesday 8th September Abigail Orona will start with us for her two year apprenticeship.

It will naturally take time for Abigail to settle in and there will be a great deal for her to learn initially. Over time you will however have the opportunity to meet her and later down the line I’d like to see her leading on certain aspects of what Tenant Involvement deliver.

Some of you may remember that we had an apprentice called Vickie Sheridan who started back in 2016. Vickie came along leaps and bounds and at the end of her apprentice applied for a vacancy in Tenancy Management, which she was successful in and remained ever since.

We will be working with Abigail to hopefully open up similar opportunities for her.

I know you’ll welcome Abigail when she starts and you’ll certainly get a chance to meet her when she starts shadowing in some of your meetings.

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Welcome to all the apprentices! It is great that the council continues to take on apprentices and I hope you all settle in soon. Big 'Hello' to Abigail! I remember Vicki very well and I hope you will follow in her footsteps and find out we are not such a bad bunch! Looking forward to meeting you.

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