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Where Is Everyone? By Dave Simons

The big burning question I been wondering now for some time is… Where is everyone??

We have the portal to use, and, in many ways, it is well used, and we receive a lot of useful information via this. But at same time we have the General chat section (Ambassador Forum) as well as the specific for ODS, In Depth Assessor amongst many other areas to explore.

My thoughts are the General Chat area. Are we missing something here??

This seems like a missed opportunity by many, well all of us to chat, bond and engage in conversation in getting to know one another and share information, interests and just generally getting to know each other. I am sure where we are a mix of all walks of life, we have a lot we can share with each other, support and I come back to the generally getting to know each other. We all decided to become Ambassadors for varying reasons but am sure we share a similar goal to try and make our voices heard and make a difference no matter how small.

There is a small core group of Ambassadors who do post and comment, even start a posting and get folk making the odd comment or two but that is where it stops!

The general chat I wonder if this is an excellent opportunity for us to engage more and get to know one another. Share experiences and tips, just a general chat about anything. It is an area for us to use obviously within the guidelines which is understood.

We could even extend this on to using Jitsi and having online coffee and chats. Maybe some of us have a hidden talent they may like to share. Using Jitsi we could share this and regale stories on things of interest. The possibilities are endless when you think about it!

Like we have the great quiz in the TinT magazine we could have similar online. The winter months and we are not out as much could be a perfect time to get to know each other more. Now Covid restrictions are easing and subject to the guidance we could even end up arranging little get togethers and meet each other, in the flesh and not behind a screen! An evening at a nominated pub and things are possible.

I guess what I am saying is the Forum is for us. It is an excellent opportunity for us to chat, socialise and get to know each other as well as discuss more than the areas we may be involved in and just get to know fellow Ambassadors!

What do others think? Are we happy to leave things as they are or move to the next level and interact and socialise a little more via the great opportunity we have of the forum and maybe using it more and to its full potential?

I'd be interested to know others thoughts and views or am I just talking aloud, well typing aloud and this is as good as it gets. 😊

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