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No Rest For The Wicked. By Abigail Orona.

I apologise for the late blog, I have recently been quite the busy bee embarking on a new projectwhich has given me much more independence and responsibility.

This project is to design a handbook for leaseholders. In the past, I had created a mock up website design for a BTEC IT course back when I was doing my A Levels which I thoroughly enjoyed doing and I just knew this was going to be the same. The only differences were that I used a designing software whereas this project would be conducted through Microsoft Word and that I would be working towards meeting someone else’s preferences. I made a few mock ups with different designs to be reviewed and given feedback on to ensure that I had enough information to continue progressing and that I was heading in the correct direction. Originally, I was worried that due to some limitations, to me my design ideas looked as if they were concocted by a primary school student. However, the review went better than I could’ve predicted and I am now in the process of creating the rest of the handbook for next week’s review meeting. I cannot express how pleased I am to be involved with this project and I cannot wait to see what the final product looks like!

Another thing I have been working on is trying to understand the ways of the mail merge, this stems back from before Christmas when I was asked to do one for a group of residents. I thought I had this in the bag to be honest with you, I even searched up tutorial videos before doing so which successfully got me to a certain point in the process. Although, there was a big piece of the puzzle missing in these videos which is part of what lead me to do it incorrectly. Oh, and don’t even get me started with the emails sent back and forth to the print room… long story short, I was trying to do a mail merge with only a fraction of the knowledge needed. Thankfully Wendy Ma’am swooped in and saved the day with her quick wit. I was also given a session by one of my colleagues where they kindly explained to me how to properly do a mail merge which will come in handy seeing as I have been asked to do one again. I am now sitting pretty with my notes, prepared to ace it this time round.

Lastly, some of you may already know that I have been involved with the In-Depth Assessor group for quite some time. Alongside this, I have additionally become a part of both the Building Safety and Oxford Direct Services group. I have been attending the regular meetings and have gotten to know more of the ambassadors, I’ve even gone as far as trying to speak up and contribute more which is something that I still need to work on.

I’m now running out of space page and time - oh and Wendy has just sent through another job so I better get on to that…

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