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An Important Update. By Simon Warde.

Dear Ambassadors,

You will likely now be aware not only of the positive change the SHWP (Social Housing White Paper) will introduce to our tenants and leaseholders, but also the necessity for OCC (Oxford City Council) to embrace it and ensure that compliance is achieved.

To ensure the SHWP receives the focus that is very much needed, I am to be seconded into a specific post for these very reasons.

For this to occur my secondment post will need to work very closely with multiple teams/services across the council, not only to instill a wider understanding/awareness of the SHWP, but also agree the necessary objectives, as well as the actions and solutions that will follow. As part of this I will make sure that OCC have clearly defined time scales/targets, record/monitor our progress and to then understandably report on this.

As you can appreciate, this is both a very sizeable and exciting project. Tenant Involvement is such a key part of the SHWP and is a common theme throughout it, so I will continue to work with Tenant Involvement. As Ambassadors, your ongoing commitment will play a key part in this process as we move forward.

The secondment is till the end of this year, although I’m unable to confirm the official start date at this point in time. Bill Graves will remain the direct line manager for my secondment post.

My current post will be backfilled for this period and advertised on the OCC website for people to apply.

I will keep you informed and confirm the official start date once known, and update you on how my backfill is progressing.

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