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Dear Santa. By Abigail Orona.

It’s nearing Christmas, so what have I done? I made a blog stating a handful of things that I’ve done recently to convince you why I deserve to go on your nice list this year obviously.

I have completed and refined the spreadsheet for ODS along with my colleague Scott who has been extremely helpful as always. The next step in the project was to then contact all of the residents that had left repair complaints, which I felt confident doing due to having already did the star survey phone calls previously. I really enjoyed being able to talk to people about the repairs they needed doing or ones that were still outstanding and then pushing to get them sorted. These particular phone calls additionally helped me to learn more about what ODS do and who I should contact depending on the type of issue (s) raised. This project will be happening again next year and we are already coming up with ideas on how we can improve it.

In other news, I completed my first ever CiH assignment… I think this calls for a sizeable present Santa. I feel that this assignment was a bit more difficult for me as I am quite new to housing and had not written an assignment for almost 2 years (especially never one with a word count). This contributed towards a slower processing speed and I am actually a bit embarrassed to admit the time I spent on the assignment just to make sure it was as good as it could be and that I understood everything. Overall, I think it went pretty peachy and I can’t thank you enough for sending this lady named Wendy, she really lives up to the guardian angel title. It has definitely been a big learning curve so pass or not, I’ve definitely learnt a few things that will help me improve for my next assignment.

Finally, I got to become a part of the In-Depth Assessor group which is filled with humorous, lovely and amazingly capable ambassadors that I have had the pleasure to work with individually to run the meetings. They are a diverse bunch with various talents that are continually striving for change and just simply make one heck of a group.

I was also able to do waste and recycling training alongside a group of new starters who were a superb bunch that were easy to get along with. We even went out for lunch together where we got to know each other more which was a blast. These groups are very valuable additions to the Council and we are fortunate to have both.

Now as an extra sweetener, I am going to leave you more than the standard two mince pies at Christmas and instead of a glass of Brandy, I am going to leave you the whole bottle. How does that sound? Oh I just know you are writing my name on the nice list as we speak! On the next piece of paper, I have written all the potential presents you can get me this year: Be warned, it’s huge and you might have to make a few trips to my house.

Merry Christmas,


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2 comentários

Dave - The Quiet One!!
Dave - The Quiet One!!
23 de dez. de 2021

That's a lot of achievements in a short space of time there Abigail! Hope you proud of yourself and am sure you always on the nice list with Santa! I am sure with Wendy pushing you along as needs be you will pass with flying colours!

We are lucky to have you there with the gang working away and doing what you do and then having the fun of us Tenants and Leaseholders to sweeten the pile too!

Been great getting to know you these last few months and you have a great sense of humour too have found! Almost as mad or nutty as folk like me!

Whatever your plans are for the Yuletide Season enjoy, drink and be…


Think Tenant Involvement got the best present (early!). That was you Abigail joining the team! Have a good festive season opening your presents and hope to work with you sometime in 2022.

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