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After the rain has Wendy Hind

After the rain has gone – there comes a little sunshine into our lives.

Following a traumatic early loss of our much loved Turkish Van cross cat TC – “Top Cat” due to incurable heart illness aged 7, our remaining 3 were not good.

Now Turkish Van cats are rare, and expensive, and pure-bred ones are a lot of money which as much as we would like a pure bred, we cannot afford. Their characteristics are white body, with markings for a “cap” and a “tail”. A few dots are permitted. They behave more like dogs than cats and are very loving, tactile and allegedly like water…. we don’t see much of that in ours.

After 4 weeks of both the cats and us feeling bereft, we found this nugget. She was in a family who had no experience with cats and she was the last in a very unexpected litter.

Liba is Turkish Van/Tortie Cross and certainly not your standard mix, top hat and tail with some connected dots on the side.

The tortie cross part has given her a Meerkat tail, I’m too polite to show the photo on here!

So Liba was from an Arabic Family during Eid, which means “beautiful princess”. We are learning she is more of a “Beautiful Madam” than anything else! She has become an office cat as I can supervise her if husband goes out and she spends plenty of time typing emails unexpectedly, chewing me and falling asleep in my arms after lots of kitten food. Next week is her milestone for injections, so we can be less worried about her popping outside unexpectedly.

I am a firm believer in animals bringing calm, lowering heart rates and acting as stress relievers. What animals are your passion? Indoors or outdoors it’s great to stop, look and just recognise nature.

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2 commentaires

What a little cracker! 😀


Olga S
Olga S
16 juin 2021

Ah land wa sahlan ya Liba, as my Egyptian friends might say! So beautiful and touching to see, Wendy ! What a beautiful nugget of a noble princess you found to bring sunshine after those rains. There is nothing quite like the mammalian presence, playfulness and rapturous purrs of a kitten, in my books! And something so special about human-creaturely bonds, or might I say creaturely-human bonds, as it goes both ways. Its beautiful to appreciate creatures, whether beloved pets, who become family members, or the more fleeting yet precious encounters with the wildish ones... A shimmering blue damsel hovering in the grasses, a fledgling robin, befriending humans for the first time, the magnificent horses on Port Meadow, feeling the…

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