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By Jove I still Have It! Wendy Hind

So, I’m back from 3 weeks off…. Last week we headed down to Padstow. It’s an annual event for us and special for many reasons.

This year, working from home, I have turned into a sloth, that is to say I have stopped moving. I roll out of bed, feed the animals and roll into the office to work.

This isn’t good for the old muscles and body and I do have a tendency to be lazy. So when I go on holiday I set myself a task of walking every day. This year, due to various aches and pains I allowed myself the luxury of taking the scooter just in case…..

Now for me a decent walk is 2 miles. I do appreciate for you this sounds pretty short, but the goal and target was set a few years ago by a friend of my husband’s promising us a “flat” walk along Watersmeet, Devon.

That walk was alongside a river where the flat bit had actually been washed away – so 2 and a half miles up and down hills and wooded areas with slippery slopes nearly finished me off!

I always sound like an elephant at the end of these trips but feel great too.

That is always what I remember. So this year how did I do?

Well we went to Wheal Martyn. This is an old clay mine and at the top of the walks is the view into the original pits – imagine the walk like Watersmeet but on steriods! The view is amazing but you work for it.

Hubby decided not to bother, but I was so pleased it did – a good mile and a half round trip in the dappled sunshine of the woods.

Then there was the walk to and from Padstow car parks to lower beach and over to Rock for lunch. What I always forget is the lower beach is up a high coastal path then down onto the beach and the ferry deposits you half a mile from the Rock on sand which sinks.

Yes I think I earned my Rose and Moules Mariniares – going back was fun as the ferry was 40% capacity only so standing for half an hour with nowhere to go – not fun.

The final walk of note was in Padstow itself – Harlyn Bay – just gorgeous – sunshine, dog watching and rock-pooling. As a holiday should be.

The week was rounded off visiting stepson, his wife, their new house, new baby and meeting her Dad for the first time to celebrate their joint birthdays.

I have shale from the beach in front of me as I type -a reminder of a really special break.

By Jove I think I still have it!!!

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Thank you for your lovely comments. So kind. I continue to try :)


Sounds like a great trip and successful too with the amount of walking and exercise you did. Devon and Cornwall are so pretty and is some lovely places to see and visit. Add being by the sea too all mounts up to a fab holiday. I know for me, I would have given in and used the scooter so well done you! I think lockdown has made many of us like sloths over the months and usual routines and stuff gone by the wayside.

Sounds like a wonderful trip and some great memories made too. :)


Well done Wendy - an example for many!

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