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Calling all Justine Nunn

Welcome to a new week and hope you all had a restful weekend in the sunshine?

I am looking at creating a Facebook Campaign to promote sign up to Tenant Involvement; ultimately recruiting new Ambassadors.

What I would like is for you all to 'get involved'.


I would like you to email a snap shot of yourself, using your smart phone or digital camera and a brief paragraph of what getting involved has meant to you - 50 words maximum.

Thank you!

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Olga S
Olga S
Jun 09, 2021

Hello Justine, thanks for the call-out, appreciating how this can reach a fresh demographic. I'm curious to know, is this for an open or private FB group, I wonder?

For lots of reasons, I'm personally low-key on FB, whilst I'll happily do this for a private group - just say the word if so.

I hope others feel drawn...

Meanwhile, to add to some nascent community-building on the ground - I wonder if we have any printouts in large print to start a conversation about Ambassadors, as I get to know the neighbours some more?

And as a newbie myself, are we looking for new ambassadors with any specifics (ie particular qualities or particular location) to balance a vibrant divers…

Replying to

Hi Olga - thanks for your message.

Tenant Involvement have their own FB page which is public and we want to encourage others to get involved so it will be a city wide advertising campaign but we need Ambassadors to volunteer their portrait photos. If you dont feel comfortable then that is totally understood.

Anyone who has an interest in their homes (Oxford City Council tenants or leaseholders) and community, who have a little time to spare, we are more than willing to start a conversation with about what Tenant Involvement is all about.

I would suggest when speaking to your contacts, remind them our details are in Tenants in Touch (whch they should have). Alternatively they can call Wendy…

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