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As you are aware, Tenants in Touch is a vital communications tool for Tenant Involvement. The 24 page magazine is published quarterly and distributed with your rent statements.

It is delivered to over 9,000 homes including; tenants, leaseholders and temporary accomodation households.

As Ambassadors we need your contributions.

What are we asking?

Ideas for articles could include: good news stories, interviews with our staff or other TI people from other authorities, seasonal articles, call to action, in the news – stories relevant to national news, works in your area, events, being the voice for someone else...the list goes on and on.

Experience, empathy and lived knowledge - You are the experts!

No more than 150 words need to be written in Microsoft Word and images to be supplied as hi-res Jpegs.

Bear in mind the delivery date, to make sure that your copy is relevant when the final versions are sent out.

Our fellow Ambassador, Steve Speight, puts together the ever popular Quiz Page and has become somewhat of a local celeb!

Ideally we want to dedicate at least 3 pages to your articles and grow this over time.

The deadline for the summer edition has now passed so we are looking at the autum edition, copy due by Friday 20 August, which gives you plenty of time to put something together.

If you have an idea but can't quite get it onto paper, give me a call and I will help.

With the release of the White Paper, we can't stress enough how important your involvement is.

We are giving you the tools, we need you to use them!

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