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Co-production in Wendy Hind

My “office” a month ago was just a junk heap. When my husband and I moved in here, this spare room became the room to move stuff into that didn’t have a purpose or a place.

That was 7 years ago now!

Once Working from Home became a “Thing” and I needed a place to function, I quickly realised working from an indoor shed wasn’t quite going to work with all these Zoom/MS Team meetings.

Justine, as you know, is a talented artist. I purchased one of her pictures (shown in main image), which perfectly summarised the chaos and expression of concern in my head coping with both Lockdown 1 and furlough.

It was so perfect and felt with the title “Dreams” it had been designed for me. I spoke to our painter and decorator and we decided to design the colours round the picture which was to be pride of place on the feature wall.

We had a socially distanced team meeting, and took the colour palette down. As it happened, Justine chose the brilliant blue “Free Dive” and Simon the “Mirror Grey”.

This room so represents how I feel about this team. We work well together, we share and discuss, laugh and disagree well. Whether they would say the same I have no idea!!

I would love to say the room is finished, however with Lockdown 2 I cannot have the carpet done until after Christmas, I still need a new window pane and new blind.

The point is I didn’t know what to do with this room until that picture. Even if I change the picture, I still have the colours and the team involvement of making choices happen.

Even if I did ever leave the team, or something happened, I still have the memories of 2020 in my office and this will certainly power my inspiration and working life until I retire.

That’s co-production. That’s inspiration. That’s shared memories with special people.

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A special team with very special people - That's OUR Tenant Involvement!

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