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Farewell for Emily Badger

The work carried out on the Barns road has made a great change to all the residents that live here new and old. The old garden that was unable to be used and abandoned has a new life and now has children running and playing in it. The last summer months saw neighbours come out and meeting each other, saw children using the space and playing in pools and riding bikes in a safe space.

The herbs that were planted saw residents come out to explore what they were to try them and children pick them. During the early process it was hard and residents were unsure of what was happening and the plans, it has turned out amazing. There are things we would all change but I'm sure that each of us have our own preferences and our own likes and dislikes but one thing it has done is introduced us to our neighbours. It has made a safe space for everyone to be able to use.

My time with the team wasn't long but it was enlightening to say the least. I wish it could have been longer and I do hope I can come back at some point. Thank you for welcoming me so warmly and meeting you all has been a pleasure.

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Olga S
Olga S
Oct 21, 2021

Ah Emily, it will be lovely to welcome you back again anythanks for sharing the amazing time you choose. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful word painting of the improvements at Barns Road and sounds so good, both in refreshing the whole place and how it has brought neighbours together in new ways, which hopefully will long flourish.


Oh Emily, thank you for your help, involvement and try. We will miss you

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