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Freedom Day - or was it? Wendy Hind

Thinking about this Monday 19th July from a personal and a professional perspective has evoked a whole series of thoughts and perceptions.

Personally, I’ve been through and achieved so much since March 2020 that I do feel whole life truths have shifted.

I do not feel comfortable yet with the thought of completely ditching masks in indoors or crowded spaces and nor am I confident this government has quite got this right. However I am delighted to be able to see friends and family and yes, even get hugs from those who I care about.

I grieve for those who died still, especially in care homes. One such home with whom I have had a personal connection in the last 18 months lost half its residents, all of whom were in the last stages of their life. For me they still have a value.

Which leads me to thinking about how we define values on human and animal life. Should such categories even exist and if so in matters of extremities such as pandemics is this something any government should attempt?

Professionally, I do worry even hybrid working as a new model should be adopted with extreme caution. The whole concept of sick leave has taken on an extra layer.

For example, I am currently attending physio for a bad back. I had a cough and a summer cold last week, so instead of doing what I normally do, which would be to take lemsip and carry on, I cancelled that visit due to potential fears of Covid. (Negative I hasten to add)

So is this what companies are going to encourage? Instead of soldiering on through, are colds and coughs going to be a genuine reason for non-attendance?

On a much more cheerful note I am so glad to see summer!

The whole world is smiling, the sport on TV has been exemplary and we now have the Olympics and Paralympics to look forwards to. I declare an interest in horse riding sports and dressage so my poor husband will be banned to the shed!

I hope you are all well and adjusting slowly to this new world of ours.

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1 comentario

Freedom Day? Grand title but a day that many people feel it is not one that applies to them individually.

Let's hope that people use common sense and act responsively so that we don't finish up back where we started.

The pandemic gave us many examples of good community spirit and volunteers helping others - I hope this continues and that people keep an eye out for those who need help in many ways.

Me gusta
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