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Great Estates Gill Taylor

On a cold damp and windy September morning we had our first walk about in nearly 2 years it what a delight to see people in the flesh and not through a screen. There is nothing better than be able to chat face to face with colleagues.

During the past 18 months we have as a team manage to complete projects in the Barns Road Cowley area and in Littlemore.

For these of you who don’t understand what the Great Estates Team do here is a short explanation.

We have a budget each year to regenerate and upgrade council ground which is usually around flats and maisonettes we do this with better security i.e. gates, doors lighting, replacing sheds and repositioning them in a better position or replacing locks and doors, landscaping, washing lines, planters , seating areas, so residents can feel relaxed and safe outside, it has also lead to residents in the flats socialising in outdoor space, it becomes pleasant for them to look out of their windows and see a garden and not in some cases a rubbish dump or a ATS area.

At the moment we have one such area at Linnet Close in the next few months this should be completed and make it a much more safe and homely environment for them to live in .

Stay safe everyone hope we can all meet in person soon. Here are some before and after photo’s hopefully you can see it is all worth while.

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Gill Taylor
Gill Taylor
Oct 20, 2021

Sorry i thought Wendy was going to add them as I haven’t got them


Thanks for update Gill! But photos not showing with your blog - shame!

Replying to

Never mind - still good to hear from you!

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