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How Time flies...By Wendy hind

How Time Flies!

A year ago this week I attended an interview. I was so nervous and despite having done the job as a temp for 5 months, I wasn’t sure I was what the team needed.

A year on, I am still here. I can honestly say this was the very best move I made, from the thick of Tenancy Management for 20 years, to a true focus on the improvement and well being of customers first.

One of the Ambassadors asked me last week, what is it we have achieved as a group?

What is so amazing is the power we have as a group, yet how little we think we have.

I would like to reflect on my personal highlights:-

Taking on and completing the Private Rented Sector Report. Following on from Covid, this is turning a corner, shaping up to be a further large piece of work. More to be revealed …..

Placing Tony Buchanan as the Housing (Cllr Scrutiny) Panel Ambassador – Tony continues to win praise for his speaking skills.

Ambassador Get Together – These have been tremendous fun, and as new people have joined and new speakers have taken the floor, Feb 2020 has to be a stand out moment. Especially Geno and South Africa Tour!

Changing from long Reviews to more focused Projects – The impact of shorter pieces of work has demonstrated this is a better more flexible way of working.

Reviewing the 4 pillars of councils strategy – 4 strategies, 4 proposals, 4 documents to sense check and all recommendations accepted by Councillors. Beautiful.

Reviewing Oxford Direct Services Gas Access letters – Another really positive pieces of work, these letters are now used and the gas access records have massively improved.

The results are in the statistics. I am discussing how we continue to assist them with customer satisfaction and involvement. online and Ambassador Portal– The potential for this to streamline and re-focus our groups is huge, we need to develop the confidence to use this more widely and flexibly.

Mystery Shopping – we completed a review of our Agency support network and fed back the level of success tenants had with support requests.

External Networking – we have worked with Oxford Influence Group and had speakers from A2D Housing Association, back in touch with Reading Borough Council and very recently introduced ourselves to Woking Borough Council. The networks will continue and expand – I know we have more in the pipeline.

I am so delighted to be a part of this team. The others will have their own highlights, but when I see our Tenant Involvement model being treated as an example of good practice, I know we are winning.

There is so much more coming up and I am excited for the future.

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