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“I’m a Granddad” Justin Stratford

"I’m a granddad – In the middle of all the loss, worry, anxiety and concern at the moment, my daughter has gifted me with this wonderful grandson and I am so proud of her and them. He arrived early July and is now my 7th grandchild.

While my family are around, this helps me to deal with the ongoing pain I manage, the loss of my cat recently and the reality of never being able to work again and that I am registered disabled.

This group is important to me as it means I can make changes and get out and meet new people. I may not be able to convince my friends it is worth joining, yet, but I will not be giving up.

I admit to struggling with the portal because I am afraid my spelling or punctuation may be picked up on, however Wendy has reassured me that is not of concern and as Simon is dyslexic which he freely shares, that gives me reassurance

I am looking forward to Scott teaching me how to and to joining in online at the next get together”

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