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IDA Ambassador October Susan Carson

I first came to Oxford in the early 80's as a student in the life sciences and trained as a research scientist. I was always a curious child asking endless questions ‘why’ and as an experimental scientist I learned to ask interesting questions that could be studied and answered.

At the time, I didn’t realise that being a scientist was also a license to travel, and for the next almost 40 years I lived and worked in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. Asking questions leading to results that provide information that yield benefits was always core to my job description whether in academia, government, non-profits or business. Change, risk, managing expectations and finding that third path at the fork in the road were common occurrences.

Although, I have lived in many countries, Oxford is the only place I would call home. I am now researching more new questions in the libraries here, and I look forward to being part of the Ambassadors group.

(IMAGE: View from Bradlands)

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Abigail Orona
Abigail Orona
Oct 18, 2021

Hi Susan! Welcome to the ambassador group and thank you for telling us more about yourself. It is fascinating to learn that you have trained to be a research scientist and have traveled quite a lot, I would love to hear more.

I hope you enjoy being an ambassador, you are no doubt going to be a tremendous addition to the team.


Welcome Susan! It is great that you have chosen to join our group. I have found the TI work of great interest and has led me to learn about subjects I had no knowledge of. The OCC team are a great bunch of people and I trust that you will find the Ambassadors are not so bad either! Hope to see you contributing more blogs in future and perhaps you will join in the Forum page. You will discover that all topics get covered in the General Chit Chat page so please feel free to join in!


Hello Susan! Great to see and read about you! Hope you settling in and finding your way round! I am still looking and finding new things here to read and do.

Look forward to working alongside you on the IDA group 🙂



Olga S
Olga S
Oct 12, 2021

Susan, welcome to you. It is truly good to have you on-board with us. I love how curiosity and enquiry consistently run-through your life from childhood to now - both innately and in your professional life, as an experimental scientist. Your experience in diverse environments the world over sounds rewarding, and interesting, bringing a fresh cultural eye and so much to draw from. And home-coming here in Oxford is precious - an experience we both share, as well as the expérience of different cultural milieus. Looking forward to your presence in our Ambassador group and once more, welcome aboard !

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