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Introducing Sara Scott

I have been a resident of the council with my family as a disabled person and current wheelchair user, for about six years at two different properties. I have MS and was diagnosed in 1998 so have over a long time seen my condition progress from nothing to now.

I have two children of ages 13 and 16 and am married.

I was a part-time disability adviser for Oxford University for 15 years until recently when I took ill health retirement. I worked mainly supporting disabled students and although I did not do fire safety audits and evacuation plans myself, I am familiar with them and what is involved. Before that, I worked as a human resources adviser for Oxfam and although my employment law knowledge is out of date now I am aware of the principles involved in management.

I grew up during the 1970s/80s in Leeds but have lived in Oxford since the late 80s to study at the then Oxford Polytechnic, now Brookes, in English Literature. I am 52.

I am currently investigating the possibilities around writing comedy so I hope that my sense of humour will transfer across this serious subject to you.


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