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It was nice to get Simon Warde

So on the bank holiday weekend my girlfriend and I went to visit a friend and his partner in Richmond.

Pre visit we both felt rather excited, as there is that realisation this is it the first time you have been away ANYWHERE this year, other than the supermarket or the odd very local BBQ.

It felt rather unreal, as it meant actually packing a bag (or a suitcase for me) and you could almost kid yourself that you were going on holiday. It was the next best thing and I was totally fine with this.

The little adventure started with a drive to Surrey to drop my side kick aka dog Billy off at my Mums (one of his favourite places). It was then back in the car and a very speedy 30 minute drive down the M3 into Richmond, or actually St Margaret’s (just outside).

We arrived dead on 2pm Saturday and were greeted with even more excitement, as they too were joyed by having visitors. Oh boy we had such a catch up and a giggle, as who can remember when we saw each other last. With it being my birthday only days before, it was even more reason to be joyous.

We stayed for two days, visited some pubs, ate out, spent time by the Thames and walked through Richmond Park. Everywhere had the right precautions in place and people were very respectful of what needed to be done and for a moment, things felt normal enough.

What has this bizarre year taught me personally? Well I guess there are a lot of things I did that I didn’t really ‘need’ to do and there was a lot of little journeys in the car, or trips to the shops that I didn’t really ‘need’ to make.

Time in general has felt very odd this year, but perhaps I did not spend time as wisely before. I have certainly realised that there is a lot I don’t actually miss, so maybe it wasn’t as important as I thought it was.

It was lovely having brief trip away, to see friends and I feel really grateful for it, although I didn’t leave me with a sense that I had be missing out all this time.

There is one more overnight trip planned at the end of this month and we’ll just have to see if it can go ahead…….I’ll keep you posted.

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It's a true saying 'a change is as good as a rest'. A short break with good friends can recharge one's batteries and make you look at life with a new perspective.

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