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Love thy Justine Longford

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We have seen an increase in communities pulling together. Long may this continue!

This week I have experienced the first ‘situation’ since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Due to a bust main pipe somewhere on the A34 residents of Wantage have been left with very little water pressure or no water at all. This was 48 hours ago and we are still waiting. We received a text from Thames Water informing us of the issue and we were told to fill up all the large containers and stock up on bottled water, which we did.

Then something happened that made me proud to be part of my community.

Our local community Facebook page went crazy with offers of people who still had water offering to fill up bottles (if they were left at a social distance away from people’s front doors), offers to go to the shops for bottled water or to take containers to the main water supply station that had been set up. There were even offers of households who had not created their new ‘bubble’ allowance offering for people to come to their homes to get showered or bathed. Someone even offered to go and help Thames Water sort the issue out as had previously worked for them and was retired!

You may ask 'what's this got to do with anything related to Tenant Involvement?'

Well at first I thought the same! But if you take away my location in Oxfordshire, what you have is real community spirit, strangers coming together and working together to help each other out, making a difference and improving a situation by talking to each other, sharing resources and ideas and moving forward .

We have seen and heard so much of this over the last few months and what we now need to make people realise (friends, family neighbours) that this is what Tenant Involvement does. We take or get presented with a situation, we come together and review it, we make suggestions and ideas on how we can improve it and look at how we can achieve an end goal to help make a difference to the lives of others.

Long may this continue!


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