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March into Wendy Hind

Spring is on its way, the plants are starting to thrive again and are we on our way out of lockdown?

It’s been a long while since anyone posted their events and activities on here. I’d like to share some of what we are working hard at for now:

We are planning an Ambassador Get Together where we will share with you our work plans and aims for 2021/22. There is a lot for us to get excited about and all will be revealed shortly.

I am helping the Council plan a disability and equality project as part of its wider ranging People Strategy for the next 3 years.

This has meant taking a step back and looking at the wider plans for the company - is diversity embedded across the whole of the departments? This also means taking a common sense approach and remembering that in most cases this begins with asking questions and “Having a conversation”. Being curious is often the best way to learn.

I am still networking hard, bringing in interest in what we do and how we work, from learning disability groups, to youth advocates who are leaving care and are taking on tenancies for the first time.

The networking is across departments, housing associations and councils and is a dynamic exciting shifting space to be. Who knows where this will lead.

We have pulled through together through a really tough winter. Stay safe and remember mental and physical health is really important. If you want to talk, please simply call.

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Olga S
Olga S
Jun 09, 2021

That feels inspirational Wendy! Thanks for all you are doing to encourage vibrant diversity. And yes, about conversations and curiosity - a way to keep community alive and open!


My goodness me Wendy you have been busy. It seems that your role is spreading far and wide and not just focussed on Tenant Involvement. However I am sure it will enrich the projects that TI undertakes when we return to normality.

I am pleased to have made a contribution to projects with Simon, yourself and Justine. If nothing else it stirred up the brain cells.

I do think that if the lockdown has achieved anything in addition to why we had it, it is that many people have reassessed what is really important to them.

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