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Meetings, Greetings and Wendy Hind

This week I got a reminder of how to drive round Oxford!

I am thrilled by the insight, innovation and ideas coming from each one of you.

So far I have met 8, and due to complete another 8 visits on the 20 and 21 July.

You showed real kindness and consideration on social distancing, thank you, and you all made me feel so welcomed and I returned back with many ideas.

Reflecting back on the conversations:

You love the blogs and the opportunity to speak to each other, however there is a fear of new technology. The spirit of collaboration is strong, already you are swapping stories and supporting each other online which is great.

There is competition to outdo Simon's strawberry story – which has certainly received the most attention! Please keep writing, drawing, recipes, poetry, providing your own contributions and thoughts.

You are very keen to get started on some small projects, and the weekly surveys as well are very positive. If anything new is posted, we will send an email round reminding you to check in.

Yes, we are putting together a new work schedule from now until end of March 2021– we will publishing when projects are ready for you. Not long now!

Yes, we will have a get together in September, what form that will take is still being discussed and based on any new government guidelines.

Conversations have ranged from Homelessness, Housing Management, Leaseholders, Locality Hubs and Oxford City Council Website information.

For all the ideas, thoughts and comments, there is a work plan designed

Collaborative working and community spirit is so high right now - you have all noticed this change.

Tenant Involvement has never been more important to the councils’ new direction. Be a proud Ambassador, you lead the way to potentially a large increase in engagement, collaboration and conversations - with groups and individuals.



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1 Comment

Thank you Wendy for visiting me this week. It was so good to meet (socially distanced) face to face and talk about the challenges of the lockdown. The new technology has had it's challenges for me , not only because of limited technology knowledge, because of the cataracts that have developed in my eyes. The hospital appointment I had was cancelled and so far I have not received another date. We were able to discuss this and you were able to give me some useful tips. I am looking forward to hearing how Tenants Involvement will go forward and meet today's challenges.

I also hope that more Ambassadors will start commenting on the blogs or even contribute articles of their…

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