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Merry Christmas Everyone. By Wendy Hind.

I have really enjoyed this year, primarily because of the tremendous hard work you have all put in the last 12 months.

Here’s a flavour of what you have been up to:-

1. Leaseholder Handbook – finished and ready for presentation

2. Great Estates – CIL funding achieved for Linnet Close

3. New Building Safety Review Group

4. New Anti-Social behaviour Review Group

5. Working with the Housing Ombudsman

6. New Oxford Direct Services Review Group

7. Scrutiny Panel Presentation to councillors

8. Procurement Tender Evaluations

9. Understanding the Social Housing White Paper and what this means for our team

10. Keeping our Ambassador Portal bubbling away with new introductions, welcomes and information sharing.

11. Welcoming new Ambassadors

12. Working virtually and seamlessly and incredibly productively

13. National Presentation involvement

14. Writing articles for TinT

15. Reviewing the National Health and Disability Consultation document

16. Responding to the Housing Ombudsman consultation on work targets for 2022

17. Understanding the requirements of the new Building Safety Bill

18. Understanding the new STAR survey outcomes

Frankly that is what I call a productive year! Thank you to all Ambassadors and see you in 2022.

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When you write it all down that's quite a package!

Just shows what can and is achieved by an amazing small team and working and involving us Tenants and Leaseholders in the mix too.

I hope the pay rise in 2022 reflects the work you have been doing and if not let me know I get a protest on the go for a small fee Ma'am!

Have a Great Christmas and New Year 😀


Thank you Wendy for all the help and encouragement you give to everyone. Enjoy the festive period and see/hear from you in 2022!

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