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Musical Wendy Hind.

Music, pop and theater have always played a large role in my life.

I was reminiscing this week on some of the songs which run like water through my life and have punctuated some of the most memorable times.

“My song” at University – ABBA – “Dancing Queen” – ten friends would clear the floor, create a ring and for this song I would be in the middle giving it large and felt so special!

First Kiss – Annie Lennox – “Sweet Dreams are made of these”

First boyfriend – Welsh Male Voice Choir – whatever they sang it was mesmerising

First Break –up Song – “You’ve lost that loving Feeling” – Righteous Brothers

Concerts Attended – Roxette and Madonna

First serious relationship – Hot Chocolate – “You Sexy Thing”

Second Break-up song – Lionel Ritchie Song – “Once, Twice, Three times a Lady”

For my mother – “Memories” – from Cats

For my Father – he won awards for singing - so any a Capella tenor male voice choir

For my sister – “Song of Norway” - she had a lead role in this

My Song now – “This is me” – The Greatest Showman

For energy – “High on Emotion” – Chris De Burgh – sheer drama OTT – Meatloaf and Cher

(Does anyone remember Shakespeare Sisters – Stay? Or Bryan Adams – Everything I do…..)

Before Job Interviews – Adele – “Set fire to the rain” or “Rumour has it”

Best artist – Freddie Mercury without a shadow of a doubt!

Best musicals – “Phantom of the Opera” ALW and “Evita”

Please do add yours

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Thought I would add a little trip down memory lane Julie and I had last week. The 18th was our 36th Anniversary or Memorial day as I call it!! It was dialysis day and often we play music via Alexa. So I asked Alexa what were the hits of 1984. Right trip down memory lane and we listened to various groups like Take That, Jennifer Rush to name a couple bringing back various memories for us of the year.

If you have Alexa if not done so try asking her to play the hits of a certain year. It is amazing what memories can bring back as well as some surprises of songs you may have forgotten. 😊


Some good music choices there!

I can remember the 1st couple of singles I bought with my own money and driving people mad with them! Clouds across the moon by Rah Band. Stop the Cavalry by Jonah Louis.

I was raised listening to things like the Seekers, Carpenters and Mamas & Papas. also remember Millican & Nesbitt a couple of singing miners back in the day. Petula Clarke was another I remember hearing a lot of thrown in with a bit of Sandie Shaw. Being born in 66 I don't remember the 60s but think a lot of the stuff from around then is what I remember and to this day still enjoy. Quite often will get Alexa playing …


You ask does anyone remember Bryan Adams singing 'Everything I do....' ? I certainly do and still play it regularly. I still operate in the world of C.D.s and my collection is very varied. If I have to pick tunes which bring back strong memories I should have to include 'Sailing' by Rod Stewart, 'Without You' by Neilson,and 'These Boots are made for walking' by Nancy Sinatra. Tunes by the Shadows bring back memories of my first record player and the first Blackbird Leys Youth Club.

There are many, many more over the decades and among the current singers I like George Ezra and Sam Smith.

My favourite musical has to be 'West Side Story' and just for good measure…

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