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My First Emily Badger

Hello my name is Emily Badger.

A lot of people might not know about the tenancy involvement and I was one of them, I was recently introduced and i have to say I’m pleasantly surprised.

The website is very easy to use with a wealth of knowledge. I was warmly welcomed by other tenants and have taken part in my first meeting. The tenancy involvement team have been so helpful, every queries I’ve had have been easily dealt with.

As many may know around oxford we have the Great estates project ongoing, at the moment I’m one of the tenants with the ongoing work outside. I’ve seen first hand how the process began and well into the construction.

During my first meeting this week i was able to give my personal feedback around this project and speak to other members about any concerns or issues we all had.

I look forward to my next meeting and getting to know more members.

Best wishes

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3 comentários

Welcome Emily! Great to have you on board and you have already made a big impact with your ideas and thoughts. Looking forward to working with you further through this journey - if you need jitsi training, I am sure others here will help out and also with Zoom.... looking forward to your next blog too :)


Dave - The Quiet One!!
Dave - The Quiet One!!
03 de nov. de 2020

Hi Emily

Well, you met me already in a couple of the meetings! Nice to have you on board and I know you have put some great input into the Great Estate meetings along with Anthony being in the thick of it all going on down by you at the moment. I think is only by people like yourself that so much can be learnt for future plans and projects and though in many ways you seem to be the 'guinea pigs' so much is being learnt and I really hope the end result will be worth it and give all of you something new and refreshing to look forward to maybe benefitting from come the better weather next ye…


Welcome Emily! Lovely to hear from new members. Any first hand experiences of dealings with the council (good or bad) can only serve to improve the services we, as tenants and leaseholders, hope to get from our council. So speak out - loud and clear - we all want to get to know you better!

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