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My Motivation to Join Team Fareez Meerasahib

I survived in a land of anarchy and injustice for over 25 years with no hope in sight. Arriving in the UK restored my hope and the despair that haunted me for so long perished. The light seeped into my soul through intent observations and desire to learn in the great land where Justice prevails in most aspects of life. Took up all the opportunities to educate myself so that I may be able to think and understand. I became equipped to accept realities and to appreciate all the gifts that I have been bestowed with.

Despite my education is being in the scientific field, I have varied interests that includes literature, cultures, painting and social policy and political philosophies. I had the opportunities to face challenges through taking up different jobs as necessity dictated me. Working as a kitchen porter for two years demanded stamina and agility, but I was able to observe and learn culinary culture, which is a major aspect of British life.

Then I worked at M&S and Sainsbury for 6 years where I experienced life styles, priorities, prejudices and some deep routed ignorant thoughts among the people I interacted. Other jobs include Gas stations attendant, window cleaner, warden, delivering medicines to old age homes, door-to-door leaflet distributer, gardener, waiter (several Indian restaurants) and many more. I am one of those extremely privileged individuals to have lived through all aspects of British life and working with people from all walks of life.

All those exciting jobs supported me to achieve the one goal that I had planted firmly in my heart, which is to educate myself. I did not know the path where I was heading, bur I was confident that I will get there and certainly, I did. Perseverance prevailed.

End of my education was followed by a test of unemployment, infrequent and short contract jobs raised questions of the purpose of education and the responsibilities of the government. I have been a consumer of the government welfare system and to a certain degree; I understand the policies that have shaped them. As the lifestyle, diseases and expectations of the public have changed markedly, it is imperative that social policies are developed to reflect the demands of the people. This led me to learn about welfare system and the policies and political philosophies (Neo Conservatism and Capitalism) that structures the welfare state.

Working in the academic institutions and pharma industries in the area of disease and drug discovery for several years enabled me to understand the two commodities that are fundamental to the prosperity of the nation; the access to Education and National Health Service. The more it is consumed by the public the stronger the society. However, adequate housing is the base on which these two resources can be delivered and is the primary indicator of a strong society.

Having lived in privately rented accommodations I have clear understanding of the expectations of individuals and families when it comes to social housing. I hope my involvement as a member of the team may make positive impacts to the good work that are already in progress.

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