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On Wendy Hind

Today – the first of September marks the start of my year 3 journey with OCC and Tenant Involvement. .I started working in St Aldates, walking through the basement every day to get to the lift and my desk. How times have changed!

I have progressed from writing a few timorous articles for the team, answering calls and making suggestions for how to improve the recruitment pack, through to now confidently setting up and leading meetings, co-ordination of Great Estates project, completing my CIH Level 5 Accreditation and working from home on recruiting a new cohort of Ambassadors following an in-depth STAR survey.

The team has come a long way too, Simon has set up a 3 year programme of work for us all based on the Social Housing White paper, is delivering a keynote speech about Tenant Involvement to councillors tomorrow, has steered us to re-accreditation with TPAS during the COVID year and is influencing new ways of working and internal communications within the Tenancy Management Team.

Justine is a star with the online nationally recognised presentation which we are delivering again in November, the Tenant in Touch magazine required her to come out of Furlough last year before the rest of us and is still the best thing for tenants and leaseholders to read for miles around. I miss her training and creative learning sessions and hope one day we can get back to making soap.

We couldn’t do without Scott – he has spent hours delivering taxis to people, talking and getting initial engagement interest, sending out letters via the post room remotely, facilitating training session bookings and coming up with some rock solid background ideas as well as teaching us all how to use computers, including the Ambassadors.

We are taking on an Apprentice, and I am excited to see what the future holds for this team as a lot of high profile opportunities for engagement and involvement are coming up both internally and externally. I may be getting old now, (and possibly more cranky) but I learn something new every day and still get up wondering what will happen on the calls – telephone, zoom and Jitsi……

In short, am I proud that I took on a temporary job in Involvement after 20 odd years in Housing Management? I am still thanking my lucky stars I did.

We have an amazingly varied and talented little team, who have disagreements, but the best thing is that we are empowered to do so, and move forwards together each time with a greater understanding of each other’s’ perspective. I haven’t worked in a team like this before and will not do so again.

Team TI – let year 3 begin!

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I recall meeting you for the first time when Simon brought you to my house before you were a permanent member of the team, I have to admit I had my doubts as to how you would fit in, but you not only fitted in you added a new dynamic to the Tenant Involvement family. You admit there were disagreements at times and this was something I did think would happen.

All of us have had to make many adjustments to our lives because of the pandemic. The team, under Simon's management have had to devise ways that ensure the Tenant Involvement label is meaningful.

Unfortunately not all Ambassadors felt comfortable with this so we have lost some people who…

Replying to

Sorry Ma'am, thought was gin after a session of online chats with me! Most folk it's vodka, how do I know? As I get asked to buy a bottle for them when I go shopping!! Is how I tend to know the latest price and deals in the alcoholic aisle these days and not all for our local bingo!

Always the 1st person I usually contact about things or any questions and come back with a swift reply to what ever it may be. On a serious note which rare for me as you know! You are one of the few who makes the council look and appear 'human' to me. 🙂


Olga S
Olga S
Sep 01, 2021

Wendy, such a vibrant, alive 3 years....Thanks for the amazing sweep-through what's happening in Tenant Involvement. I join you in valuing such a diverse, purposeful team - each one unique as, are the Ambassadors My personal thanks for all you are doing, as I experience first-hand and roll-on the dynamism you bring ahead with heart!

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