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Oxford Residents Panel v Tenant Anthony Church

In my opinion there is no contest Tenant Involvement wins hands down.

The Oxford Residents Panel is purely a tool for residents to complete surveys for Oxford City Council on line with no face to face interaction with the person or persons completing the survey although I am a member of the panel it really is a matter of ticking boxes and submitting your answers.

Where as with our incredible TPAS accredited Tenant Involvement set up and the wonderful team members, we have the facility to meet up in the virtual world that allows Tenants and Leaseholders to have an exchange of views ask questions that can be answered almost immediately, if they cannot the team will go away and find the answer.

With Tenant Involvement it feels far more personal and gives a sense of belonging and makes you believe that residents can make a difference to what happens in the area they live.

So my message would be if someone wants to make a contribution to improving what happens in Oxford City to improve things then choose to join Tenant Involvement where at least you can see the impact that you and the Tenant Involvement Team have had and what is planned for the future.

So if you know of someone who wants to join our TENANT INVOLVEMENT FAMILY then give them the detail of the team.

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