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Pies, Crumbles, and Jam...By Gill Taylor.

MY LOCKDOWN. Early March. As my husband and I sat watching the increasingly depressing news on the TV , I looked out of the window to see a bright and sunny day. So I said to my husband “ right we can’t go out the FRONT DOOR but we can go out the BACK DOOR so let’s have a go at making the garden nice as it looks like we will be inside for some time to come .”

So for the next few weeks we replaced, mended, painted fences, jet washed paths and patios. Luckily we had already purchased paint which suddenly became very hard to obtain. We weeded and prepared the flower beds for the summer plants.

As the weeks turned into months we turned our attention to what we could grow, so out came my husbands seed tin. We found marigolds, petunias and lobelia, in the veg patch we put broad and runner beans, sweet corn, onions and carrots.

Spring turned into Summer and the seedlings began to grow , we planted out the summer flowers and the veg patch sprang into life .

So now it is July the garden is full of colour even on dull and wet days that we have had, it is still uplifting to look out even if it is behind glass!

We have made pies, crumbles and jam harvested from our garden and frozen broad and runner beans.

Whatever happens in the world nature will go on it’s merry way. The birds have nested and the babies have flown away, the flowers and the insects have appeared.

August 1st is the final day of lockdown for many of us , so let’s be careful and stay safe for the foreseeable future.

This what I did in lockdown. What did you do?

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4 comentarios

For me lockdown has been a bit of a blur. An appointment for an appraisal of my cataracts was cancelled in the early days. Living on my own meant that I sadly began to concentrate on what I could not do rather than what I could do, I could not exercise outside because of not being able to see kerbs etc. (I was afraid I would fall over). I could only read for very short periods, could not watch television ...I could go on. I had to give myself a good talking to and started looking at the positives. I lived in a house with a garden so could walk on familiar territory there, my wonderful daughter was delivering my…

Me gusta

Love the cheeky gnome!

Me gusta

What a fantastic job you have done. I wish I could say I have been as busy and creative but I haven't. I love the pond! Our garden is all slabs or concrete and the car is parked in it so is half the space took up. Add the wheelie bins and a small lock up storage thing I keep some renal bits in there not that much left. I do have an oblong sort of shaped terrace pool which has a separate raised area for some water plants. Has a built in waterfall type thing into main pool which has a mini lily and reed type thing and around 5 fish. I got it last year after moving into…

Me gusta

Having been there - trust me this garden is gorgeous! Thank you Gill, for the welcome and the amazing coffee and this blog too :)

Me gusta
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