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So this is when it gets scary…..a new way of working as from Monday 10th August...By Wendy Hind.

So we move forward and we take a few steps back too…. For personal reasons I am isolating for whole of August. This is a preventative measure, but is a requirement I cannot ignore.

The initial experiment for arranging home visits online has now finished.

The experiment did not work, times got changed, and people are more or less comfortable needing a home visit, especially with limited outside space.

Only 2 of the online booking slots were used; a decision was taken to cancel the second round of meets due to distance and due to the gap between visits.

We will be using the diary events booking again in the near future – remember – if it is not on the portal, it isn’t happening!!

So as from 10th August ….All of my conversations and chats will be converted to

You will receive a link and a phone call initially to tell you to check your inbox. All you will then need to do is click on the link.

This way of working needs to become the new normal. My link online is extremely stable. I can lip-read, I can hear better because of the IT equipment OCC have provided me, I get a friendly voice and a face to go with it! I prefer this as well, as our work phones we use are not user friendly.

Simon will be joining this way of working very soon.

My challenge…. If you are feeling brave, send me a request!

I would be delighted to see you, it is more comfortable than social distancing, masks and sanitiser for every visit, I have sat out in the heat, cold and rain and it is not a good way of working - I was exhausted.

Just think, I will never be late for another meeting!

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2 comentários

Hi Brenda, this works both ways. All you need to do is log onto online, this creates a meeting and from there you can send a request to us for a chat :) Nothing ie ever one way in here. I do hope you are having a great weekend.

Log on and start a meeting - its so easy


Fully understand the reasons for this change but please can you clarify - if we would like a jitsu chat how do we contact you to request the meeting or is it that we have to just wait until you/Simon have something to convey to us and you will make the initial contact?

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