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Team Plans & Wendy Hind

The week started well, on top of the world

We had a plan, goal and aims

The week went on, the plans got tangled

I got confused, my language fangled

Zoom became the word for the day

Meeting deadlines arrive, come what may

I forgot to brush my hair, to eat, and move

Then forget to turn off Zoom!

Wandered back to an empty chair –is TI future still set fair?

Background fears remain, what is new normality again?

Financial, social, economic and society pain

But I can’t take them all on, got TI teamies, my home and I,

So let’s shake it off, remember to move

To laugh, love and go with the groove

It’s better at home, I’m more focussed, less scared

Just heard, I have a presentation to prepare

Next week, garden meetings and greetings

We all do our bit, we all do what we can.

You’re all on portal now, that’s great

Next step is to “” integrate

Tackle new challenges, go get that blog on

Our team will expand, when you all log on

New words, new tech, lets rock and roll

I need you all to reach my team goal.

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