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Tenant Ambassadors support Oxford City Council Workforce Equality Action Plan Wendy Hind

During late September and early October 2020 a programme of work was undertaken to review our equalities action plan and identify what individuals felt were of key points for change.

The aim and objective of the plan is to enable clarity on how we treat all in society inclusively, taking into account unconscious bias and formal recruitment, retention and promotion requirements and expectation management.

We have held 12 workshops inviting those from inside the council workforce and external community members to reflect and review what we do, how we do it, and could Oxford be improved.

At least four of you attended those meetings, and made an excellent contribution to the work we will now do updating a living document which aims to promote equality and diversity across all nine protected characteristics.

Following on from this work, the document will be drafted and feedback given as to the targets we will adopt as a city and how these will be held to account going forwards.

The forums can be seen online as they were all recorded for Youtube. Although the numbers who participated in the discussions cannot be claimed as “representative” this was an important piece of work clearly demonstrating co-production with Tenant Involvement at the heart.

I was extremely pleased to support pulling these forums together and look forward to continuing the ongoing conversations around equality and diversity in the city and in the council.

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