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The Westminster Insight Digital Conference Justine Nunn

Last week, the TI team presented a session at the Westminster Insight Digital Conference on Improving Tenant Engagement: Diversity, Innovation and Effective Participation to a crowd of over 250 delegates countrywide.

As we are all aware the last 18 months has seen significant changes in how our sector has had to adapt and use this as an opportunity to commit to new standards to improve service delivery.

The virtual platform, arguably has been a life line. We know this has been a difficult transistion for everyone but with hard work, new ways of working and determination we have got there. We are not saying this way of working is the only way, but it has definately had its benefits and has allowed us to continue the work we do.

With the release of the White Paper we have been working hard to build momentum as we have some new, exciting and challenging opportunities for you all to get involved in.

We know we need more people to empower and join with TI in what is a vitally important time for social housing.

The session we presented was titled: Moving Tenant Engagement Online – Exploring a Long-Term Shift to Digital Engagement

  • Maximising the benefit of digital interactions and engaging harder to reach residents

  • Implementing customer-centric interventions

  • Learning from Oxford City Council's

  • Creating personable solutions and upskilling tenants without staff on the ground

  • Using technologies to broaden the spectrum of engagement

We would like to thank you all for your support; especially Brenda and Dave for their input.

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Well believe it or not we have been asked to present this again in November! I don't think there is a greater compliment. Well I for one have to remember not to be so nervous of dealing with live questions from an audience - public speaking not my favourite thing.

Replying to

Great news!! Well done to all the team. What is the occasion in November?


The buddy scheme idea sounds good Brenda and if is something I could help in then let me know. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a point comment or message across in the written form at best of times let alone getting punctuation maybe in right places to help get the message across.

Fingers crossed for the award! Is well deserved and also good that lot of questions been asked following this.

I thought you were great Brenda! Coming across as you and natural against maybe any fabricated look or response. The whole thing was done in a relaxed way so kept it all feeling natural and relaxed. 😀


Just to add we will be bidding for an award as a result of this amazing hard work - so lets hope we win - deadline is 1st July so I will let you all know. We also had a lot of questions from the audience as a result of this hard work.

Replying to

Deadline passed - any news???


What a great blog! Well done to the team for putting this together. Justine's explanation of how this was developed hides what must have been hours of work and a lot of head banging to develop the portal. It would be interesting to know if approaches come from other TI agencies for further information.

Our world is changing so fast and the pandemic has only seemed to accelerate how our day to day life has altered. Technology has allowed TI to continue and has meant that more people have the chance to make a contribution, but I for one, hope that at some time in the future we can meet face to face so that both old and new Ambassador…


Wow! I thought that was fantastic! I have just seen for the 1st time the end product and know I be watching again later as well as sharing round with others.

I only attended 1 meeting after joining the Vol team but meant I also had to leave early due to getting back to take my wife for dialysis as well as I was in training to move to home treatment for her which we now have. Since being involved in the virtual world I certainly have felt I can drop in more, do things as it does fit round my life and lifestyle.

There is still more to learn and like everything be bumps along the way but personally…

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