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Welcome Alison!


I've been asked to write a few words of introduction. My name's Alison and I live in a council flat on Blackbird Leys. I work full time as a librarian for Oxford University.

I am Oxford born and bred and was brought up on a council estate. I do not apologise for being well educated, I am very proud of my qualifications and hope that I set an example to show that you do not need money or connections to get your education.

I have many passions, among them are are nature and wildlife, green spaces, public transport and decent housing for all. Also hoping to emphasise that not all older people are retired and that on line access cannot and should not be taken as a given. I also hope to encourage clarity of communication and to work towards reducing anti social behaviour.

Working hours limit the time I can make available but I hope that I can contribute in other ways.

Hoping to meet some of you when I can.

Best wishes,


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Olga S
Olga S
Oct 21, 2021

Greetings and welcome Alison. Thanks for your fantastic introduction. Its good to meet you here.

Thanks for sharing your background and interests. We share many interests in common, in particular, the passion for green spaces, good public transport, housing for all and valuing life-long learning and development (if I may put it that way) - supported by high quality education and fulfilling of potential.

I also share your awareness of the digital divide. It will be good, ahead, to find ways to bridge with those who are unable to be online, for many good reasons, as well as encouraging access for those who can,

I'm a fellow Ambassador (since Summer), based in Wolvercote, After decades of urban life, one o…


Angel Cheriee
Angel Cheriee
Oct 16, 2021

Welcome Alison, I am 22 years old and was raised in blackbird leys all my life too, let's just say I've seen some crazy moments 🤣. I agree with what you said " you don't need money or connections to get your education. I totally agree.


Hi & Welcome Alison!

I live St Clements but was raised on Wood Farm estate and lived Headington area most of life and now St Clements last 26 years or so.

I can be found lurking around here at times and enjoy the work we do and the team feel we have here. Look forward to getting to know you 🙂


Hello Alison, like you I live on Blackbird Leys. My parents were original tenants in Kestrel Crescent in 1960. I got married in 1965 and I moved back to the estate in 1969 after having two children. Good to have you on board the TI team and hope to catch up with you soon.


Hi Alison - I have a sense you will be in great demand for all our groups making sure that what we send out makes sense to all of us - we will arrange a meet and greet for all very soon so you can put names and faces together and that we will need to work out a time one evening to ensure you are fully included.

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