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Welcome Alison!


I've been asked to write a few words of introduction. My name's Alison and I live in a council flat on Blackbird Leys. I work full time as a librarian for Oxford University.

I am Oxford born and bred and was brought up on a council estate. I do not apologise for being well educated, I am very proud of my qualifications and hope that I set an example to show that you do not need money or connections to get your education.

I have many passions, among them are are nature and wildlife, green spaces, public transport and decent housing for all. Also hoping to emphasise that not all older people are retired and that on line access cannot and should not be taken as a given. I also hope to encourage clarity of communication and to work towards reducing anti social behaviour.

Working hours limit the time I can make available but I hope that I can contribute in other ways.

Hoping to meet some of you when I can.

Best wishes,


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