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What Should I Do? Brenda Walton

Recently I have had an unsettling situation arise and it was suggested that I should create a blog about it.

I welcomed the new portal created for the Tenant Involvement group and was quite happily visiting it on a daily (sometimes more) basis. I enjoyed reading the blogs (always did wonder what a blog was!) and the general chat on the Forum page. It was good to hear from people I have never met and learn of some of their highs and lows. This was especially welcome at a time of general lock down. I was at home with my cat and saw my daughter once a week when she dropped my shopping on my doorstep.

Like everyone I learned to live with the 'new normal' but desperately missed having another person to speak to face to face. Texting and phoning along with e mails are great but not the same.

Then I was told about Jitsi and the platform it was offering the group to talk and see one another. Had my tutorial from Scott and was excited about the prospects it offered.

Now crunch time! I know it could just be a coincidence but this is when I started to receive many unwanted e mails. I tried to unsubscribe them but received messages such as 'site cannot be reached' and 'site cannot be found' – both invited me to 'reload'. As I did not know where this would take me I would close down. I had heard so much about scams that I thought this was the best course of action.

I contacted Tenant Involvement and was assured it had nothing to do with Jitsi but was so unsettled I stopped visiting the portal.

After more e mails from the team I have started using the portal again but I am still being plagued with the unwanted mails. They come offering me bargain buys, tarot card readings, places in lottery syndicates, insurances and very worryingly loans - the list goes on.

When I got my computer I spent a lot of time in an office doing voluntary work. I had never used a computer before but got a lot of help and support from the 'twenty somethings' who had grown up with them. The trouble was they corrected things so quickly that often the problem was fixed and I had no idea what they had done, I did go on a course at the Blackbird Leys Community Centre but found it of little use.

I realise that most of you reading this will be more computer saavy than me and probably think I am making a mountain out of a molehill. I just want to stop this mail but how??? I want to be able to enjoy my computer again and not feel on edge every time I open it – so what should I do?

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2 Yorum

Thanks for this Dave. With the help of my provider I seem to have sorted or at least lessened the problem. A very helpful operative talked me through what to do. (Have to give him top marks for patience!). There seems to be less e mails now and I get rid of them straight to the trash can without opening them. Fingers crossed it does not start again.


Hi Brenda

Sorry to hear of the problems you been having. I kinda know what you mean and I seem to go through spells of being hit with junk mail. I did wonder what internet provider you used? I know some are better than others for filtering out spam and junk email. Like we are signed up with Virginmedia and generally they do a good job filtering out a lot of the junk before it hits the inbox. This is why I also have about 3 email addresses! I have my general and then the posh as I call it for official type things. I know this isn't maybe an answer but seems to work for me.

I am thinking…

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