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Where we are at; the story so Wendy Hind

We have had a nice raft of new Ambassadors, all of whom have been following the same process, - a sift and sort by Scott Wilson and Abigail Orona; then a follow up call from myself to ensure they can use Jitsi or Zoom….

From there we have asked them to look at the level of involvement they can offer – Low, Medium or High. If they have the time they have then applied to join one of our formal boards

- Building Safety Bill

- Oxford Direct Services Repair Review

- In Depth Assessor

Following on from that, there is a half hour interview process with myself and Simon Warde.

To date we have recruited 6 amazing new ambassadors, with a further 3 willing to work as researchers behind the scenes. I have plenty more to go at.

I will be arranging a “Meet the Class of 2021” at the mid November point, when I hope all calls will have been made.

Each new Ambassador is being asked to write a short blog about themselves and join the portal. One group has already set up their own Whatsapp group and is working hard towards keeping the energy going.

The results have been positive, amazing and really gladdening to hear and see.

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