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Where would we be without volunteers? By Brenda Walton.

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

If you have never thought of the work done by volunteers in this country just take a minute (but you will probably need longer) and count the organisations we have that rely on volunteers.

The pandemic has seen many more people come forward to help in so many roles such as helping not only neighbours but complete strangers with shopping, collecting prescriptions, walking dogs and other tasks. They turned out to help in food banks, stewarding at vaccination centres, chatting on phones with lonely housebound people and helping in community hubs. Many of the volunteers were people who were on furlough and their jobs had prevented them from having spare time before to help out. But some had simply never thought of working in a voluntary role before.

I would like to think they gained a lot for their efforts. Friendships made or just the glow that comes from helping others. I do hope that as life returns to the world we were familiar with they still find time to continue with their 'good works'.

But let's not forget the role volunteering has played in lives for many years. Organisations such as the R.N.L.I.who turn out to help with rescues at sea and have saved so many lives over the years. Men and women hear that hooter sound from the lifeboat station leave whatever they are doing and rush to man the boats in all weathers. Their boats and equipment are all funded from donations from the public and the crews give their time for free. This happens all across the board. Air Ambulances, Search and Rescue teams, Mountain Rescue.....the list goes on.

We cannot forget the many other people who volunteer to help at Animal Rescue centres, provide manpower for conservation projects, provide first aid at events.......I said you would need more than a minute.

As Ambassadors we too are volunteers – we provide the council with our thoughts on projects undertaken, schemes we would like to see developed as well representing tenants and leaseholder's views at job interviews, tendering for contracts and how budgets should be spent. Each individual will have different circumstances that will dictate how much time you can dedicate to the work of an Ambassador but don't let that stop you.

If you only have less than an hour a week why not see if there is a current survey you can add to? You could read the current 'Tenants in Touch' (it's online if you don't have a hard copy) and let the team know if there was an article you liked (or disliked). Do you have a suggestion for a new feature? Why not send an outline to be considered? Write a blog for the Notice Board.

Got longer? Look at the training offered on the Notice Board and consider doing a course. If you cannot find one to suit you contact the team for help.

So make your volunteering time count -the council provide the platform for you so take the stage and give the performance of your life!

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