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Working Together...submitted by Wendy Hind

Co-production means working together as equals and making best use of our resources and strengths to find ways of doing things that benefit our community.

What is good co-production?

• Involving the people that matter, at the right time, and in a meaningful way

• Listening to each other, and communicating well, feeling understood

• Respecting each other’s opinions, however different they are to our own

• Working together and developing trust and respect to form good working relationships

• Working as equal partners, from start to finish (where possible)

• Making decisions and solving problems together

• Developing ideas or solutions to problems together

• Everyone working in a way that gets results

• Everyone working in a positive way to make things better for all

• Understanding that everyone has something to contribute

• Understanding that everyone has different challenges and needs

• Everyone is recognised and celebrated for the contributions they make

Working as equal partners means that everyone who has relevant experience and skills to contribute can, but that people will have specific roles and jobs to do to make things work smoothly.

It is also important to understand that not everyone can be involved in every single aspect, or nothing would ever get done because progress would be too slow.

Written by Co-production Oxfordshire

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